Kermit is owned by Gianni and Rosemarie Grifoni. Gianni Boy (how they call him) is by profession a biologist, dive instructor and chef. He is half Swiss and half Italian. Rosemarie is Cebuana, a nursing graduate but decided to surf instead and live the beautiful Kermit & surf life. She cooks amazing Pesto and Bolognese sauces, is always smiling and will answer all your email inquiries. Her life motto is: "Why work when you can surf?" Both Gianni and Rosie manage Kermit resort and work with a very friendly and amazing staffs. You’ll experience their hospitality when you get there! ;)

The place was built in early 2012 after traveling around South East Asia, with the idea in mind of the perfect surf resort/camp that everybody wants to find while travelling: affordable yet high quality, clean, good vibes, delicious and healthy food and offers a lot of activities. We know what travelers want and we are the ideal place to stay for active travelers, backpackers, solo travelers and above all - surfers.

From that idea, Kermit Surf Resort and Camp is born and will continue to grow. The Kermit vibe is now known all over the Philippines …

Stay Stoked!!

Kermit Team (others people you will see daily and will make your vacation unforgettable)



It has been asked many times while living here. Since the first time I visit Siargao I fell in love with the place. The surf is great year round, the ocean the bluest you ever seen, it s not yet too crowded, locals are amazing and live is very simple. Siargao is like a drug once you stay a while you never want to live… Try to believe…

And why Kermit is different from the others resorts…?

Kermit is one of the few resort in Siargao where local surfers hang out, you will feel the real local surf environment. Kermit is very chill and in less than one day you are here you feel like to be home with plenty of new friends.

Kermit Surf Resort in less than one year from the opening has been already featured as one of the top resort in Siargao Island and Philippines in several blogs ( like: travelonsteroids.com,www.justonewayticket.com…). The resort and Surf school have excellent reviews in Trip Advisory (one of the top in Siargao) and it s been featured in the UK newspaper The Guardian (link) for the top surf packages excellency in accommodate people and food and in the blog "Just One Way Ticket" as the place to be in Siargao http://www.justonewayticket.com/2014/04/26/ultimate-guide-siargao-philip....

Furthermore is the surf camp chosen by Surfista Travels for the very first trips in Siargao Island. (July/August 2013 and July August 2014).

In september 2013 Kermit Siargao was choose as destination for an Italian based surf movie/documentary, sponsored by DC, Protest, surfcamp.it, Cathay Pacific, Cebu Pacfic and of course Kermit Siargao. Gianni was their guide.The movie.

Kermit restaurant has been featured as best pasta in Siargao but also for the excellent and affordable food. If you look for an incredible surf vacation, lot of fun, meet people, from all over the world and always stay within your budget, Kermit Surf and Dive resort is the choice!!!



Rosemarie “Rose” Grifoni
Kermit Siargao GM


She is the first person you “e-meet” from Kermit, she will answer all your question and try to fit you in in our busy schedule… Always smiling and she love to surf. You ll see her everyday in Kermit Restaurant (if she is not surfing… )

Resort Manager


Marianne, born in Cebu and became famous as singer/composer of the famous Visaya song "Balay ni Mayang”. Marianne will make sure that your stay in Kermit is memorable. For any problems approach her. She love surf and play Ukulele . From City girl to Island Girl.

Eloy Best friend - Mr Makabuntis
Head Surf Instructor


Eloy is our head surf instructor. The most requested surf instructor and is everybody best friend. But don’t make him angry… Eloy competed in the Philippines surf Championship and he used to be 3rd best surfer in the Philippines. He also our boat captain and famous Kiniloy - Eloy Kinilaw - reputed the best in the Philippines.

Marama - John Mark Tokong - Gwapito
Surf Instructor- guide


Marama is the number 1 and most famous surfer in the Philippines. He just won the last international Surf competition in Cloud 9 last sept 2015. If he s not busy competing somewhere he hang out and teach at Kermit Resort. Kermit Siargao Mascotte and surf buddy of Gianni Boy which is also his manager. They made their clothing brand #gwapitos.

Jong - Jongie -Jongino
Surf instructor and Guide


Jong is one of Kermit Siargao favorite surf instructor. Very didactic and amazing guy. He's Eloy best friend and most of the time they surf together. he's also Rose main instructor.