If you don't surf, the swell is small, or your tired muscles are aching for a day off - have no fear. Siargao is not only about surfing. Kermit Surf Resort and Camp offers different activites and day trips. Here you will never be bored!



Free diving course in Siargao island offered by Palaka Dive Center. It s the only international diving school in Siargao under AIDA. Siargao is the perfect environment for free diving. Crystal blue water with visibility up to 100 m (!!), nice rocks formation, corals... After the first day you will be able to hold your breath for more than 2 minuts and swimm undewater for 40 m, anyway it's a challenging course. Here in Kermit Siarago we can organize surf package with freedivig course. That will increase your confidence in the water in all surf condiition. Contact us for more info.


Explore the General Luna Lagoon or try to catch some waves in Cemetery with the SUP. General Luna lagoon is a perfect place for a SUP trip because the reef protects it from the waves. You can easily cruise to surrounding islands in half day trip or even try your luck catching some small waves in the breaks located right outside of Kermit Surf Resort and Camp.

We have 10 SUP ready to be used. And we can organize amazing tours from the awesome islands to the mangroves.... 


This whole day trip will bring you to the three islands in front of General Luna. First to Naked Island for relaxation, swimming, and freesbe, then on to the amazing Dako Island - with the best beach of Siargao. This is also where we have lunch. Last stop will be Guyam island (the typical postcard island!) to watch the sunset. Also, depending on the group size we will light up a bonfire and relax with a couple of drinks.

Kermit has the most famous boat/catamaran in Siargao: the MARAJAW Boat. Island hopping is 900 php per person included big fresh Fish BBQ in Dako island and Kiniloy (Kinilaw from the Kinilaw master Eloy!!).


Rock Pools: about 45 minutes drive north. Head to Pilar, and you will arrive at Magpapunko National Reserve. Here you can swim in crystal-clear natural rock pools and see the amazing underwater life. However, make sure to plan your timing because these pools are only accessable at low tide.


Sohoton Caves: it ‘s a top place to see. Renowned as the province’s premier natural wonder. About a two to three -hour boat ride with the Marajaw boat from our Kermit Resort to this National park will bring you to a wild landscape that can be accessed only through a cave at low tide. Limestone cliffs and caves combined with clear lagoons in a jungle setting. you wil see different wild life and plants. Inquire for prices.


Another top place to see, or good alternative to Sohoton caves. Sugba Lagoon is an amazing and crystal water lagoon in the middle of the seccond biggest Mangrove system in the Philippines. To reach Sugba lagoon we need to drive until the municipality of Del Carmen (1h drive). From there take a boat across the Mangrove Forest (45 min) and you will be in paradise. It a top place for relax, the only noise you will hear is from the birgs leaving in the island. Sugba lagoon is also home of endengered species of flora and fauna.

Cost is 2000 php per person included BBQ, entrance fee, transportation and SUPs. 


Siargao is also capital of game fishing in the Philippines. “Deep-Sea” fishing can be organized through a local charter company. They will take you offshore where you can hope to haul in a few beauties. February to May is the best season for big fish. Yellow-fin Tuna, Sail Fish, Mahi-Mahi and Spanish mackerel are a few of the most common fish on offer in the area.


What is so great about this Drunken Carabao(water buffalo) Ride, you may ask? Well the title says it all. You get drunk and ride these caraboas up into the country side where you get a beautiful view and a wonderful sunset.Well first of all, you are provided endless amount of alcohol Second, after being pretty tipsy and verging on being a sloppy drunk, you get to race the Carabao.